Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bills At The Halfway Point

Same old Buffalo Bills.

After a gut-wrenching, last quarter loss to first place New England, the Bills are 3-5 at the halfway point in the season. A good conference/division record is about the only thing the Bills have going for them. That record, however, is a double edged sword: the conference record may convince the coaches that the Bills still have a shot at the playoffs, meaning career-backup Kelly Holcomb may continue to start. Holcomb was a good addition to this team, and is an ideal guy to bring off the bench. However, he isn't going to be a qb who takes his team to the superbowl. Putting off J.P. Losman's development is a luxury the Bills can't afford to take. It almost pains me to say this, but I think two more losses in the next two games would be a good thing for the Bills: it would assure that Losman starts the final six contests.

Bills' Weaknesses:
Can't put the ball in the endzone.
Can't make up for stupid mistakes.
Can't hold a lead against in the second half.
Can't beat good teams.
Can't stop the run.
Can't presure the QB without rushing six guys. Even then it seems like a 50% proposition. Note: rushing six means covering with five. Five guys cannot cover four receiving options for more than a few seconds. Even if they're all probowlers.
Can't get crucial defensive stops.
Can't block.
Can't consistently get points off turnovers.

Oh well.

Bills' Strengths:
Willis McGahee is a stud. Definitely a top-5 back. Possibly top-3.
Eric Moulds can still make plays.
The Bills helmet isn't ugly.
The secondary is good.
Ralph Wilson Stadium is a helluva great place to tailgate. Where else can you eat something cooked on a Pinto?
Buffalo isn't under 12 feet of snow. Yet.
Bars in Buffalo are open till 4am.
Chicken wings. Nuff said.
Buffalo can beat any team in the first half. Can we petition the NFL to make games 30 minutes long?


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