Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bills Recap
Ralph Wilson deserves better.

The Bills seems destined for mediocrity coming into the halfway point in the season. The skill positions on both sides of the ball are getting killed by their own lines. The DL is terrible and the OL isn't far behind.

Current strengths:
-First quarter offensive playcalling has been outstanding. The Bills have scored a TD on the first drive in every game except 1 this year. That's exceptional.
-Willis McGahee is getting yards when the coaches can give him carries.
-Kelly Holcomb is playing efficient QB. Some say the Bills can't throw the ball downfield, I say that's BS. He missed barely missed Lee Evans twice on short passes that would have had big yards after catch. Those types of passes show up as bombs on the statsheet. Holcomb's strength is his ability to read the defense, something young backup J.P. Losman will learn with experience.
-The secondary has played well under circumstances. They're accounting for more than their share of tackles, revealing a porous defensive line. That's for later. These starters are talented and can straight up ball. Backups are young and inexperienced but athletic and fundamentally sound.
-Angelo Crowell is playing pretty well in place of Takeo Spikes.

Current weaknesses:
-Second half adjustments have been atrocious. The Bills can't score in the second half and the defensive line can't get crucial stops.
-The defensive line play is just awful. Sam Adams is a good starting NFL tackle. On the best of days he will be on the field for 60% of the defensive snaps. The rest of the tackles are awful and do things like give up roughly 20 yards rushing on 3rd and 18. The ends are good pass rushers but can be bullied in the running game.
-Offensive line play has been barely adequate. Kelly Holcomb has to keep things moving quick, part of the reason for the intermediate passing game. Deep plays take time to develop, and the OL isn't doing it's part.

Official Rodomont Remedies:
-Use run and zone blitzes to confuse offensive blocking schemes. Stunt the lineman and use MLB London Fletcher and WLB Angelo Crowell to sniff out the play and adjust, covering against runs, short passes or screens that New England will undoubtedly run. Bring Milloy to the line to show blitz and have him mix it up to the flat on that side or stay under the tight end.

-Cover the Pats X receiver one-on-one with Nate Clements or Terrence McGee. Free up the safeties from their deep zone responsibilities to blitz, or cover down on the TE or RB's.

Official Rodomont Prediction:

Pats 27 Bills 20


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